Onboard Talent.
Enable Excellence.

Imagine you’re starting a new job and everything just clicks from day one.

That’s what our tool does, but for companies. It’s like having a cutting-edge toolkit at your disposal to design the perfect welcome and training for each new team member, making sure they feel confident and ready to excel.

People-driven teams can effortlessly create these amazing onboarding and enablement experiences, ensuring every member hits the ground running and contributes their best from the get-go. It’s like having a secret weapon for building dream teams!

P.S.: AI Magic is included to help you build it in minutes, not days, so you can spend less time worrying and more time innovating and collaborating.

ONBO Provides

  • AI Assisted Journey Creation
    Generate a prompt via ONBO. Feed it to AI to generate module data.
    Import the module data into ONBO to instantly sketch out a module.
    Edit the generated module as required. Publish it to your organization, reuse it in different journeys.
  • Collaborative Journey Builder
    Assign colleagues to work on different parts of the journey.
    Quickly hop on a screen share session to author journeys together with stakeholders.
    Save Drafts for work in progress. Assign journeys to onboardees when ready.
  • Assisted Journey Delivery
    Assign Journey Assistors, Mentors, Module Reviewers and other employees to provide assistance to onboardees.
    Assist Onboardees as they progress through the journey.
    Delegate responsibilities in an organized fashion.
  • Reusable Journey Templates
    Publish Journey Templates to capture common journey structure.
    Keep them for later use. Assign them to different onboardees as and when needed.
    Evolve high quality journey templates over time. Level up your team building game. Reduce the hassle of repetition.

Use Cases

Employee Onboarding

And Enablement

  • Create Onboarding Programs that capture your organization's own unique & homegrown process. Assign them to incoming hires.
  • Make onboarding hassle free for you and your organization.
  • Author transition journeys together with your colleagues.
  • Monitor and manage journey progress without having to switch apps.

Talent Transition

Within your organisation

  • Knit together a tailored up-skilling program from both external and internal resources, links, documents etc.
  • Plan and execute knowledge transitions boldly and efficiently for arbitrary cohorts.
  • Integrate meetings, comments and reviews in the process.

Course Management

For Freelance Instructors

  • Knit together your independent course offering using our journey builder tool.
  • Invite people to join. Deliver and administer your course.
  • Get paid!